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Pile Driving System

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The core service of our company is driving solar piles utilizing a Gayk HRE400 hydraulic ram which is a track driven Machine. This tool allows us to drive piles that are up to 15' 2" into the ground in under three mins in most cases. This machine is specifically designed to install solar ground mount systems at a fast pace. It is a perfect tool for the installation of large solar farms or small solar systems. Our machine supports multiple types of racking systems therefor we are able to work with a wide variety of racking manufactures such as the following:Schletter FSSchletter FS unoSchletter G-MaxUnirac Fixed Ground Mount Driven pier system,Solar Powers Frames LLCGame Change Solar Maxspan Pile Driven Systems, Solar Flex Rack - (I-beam style post), and round 2inch and 4inch posts.


Where We Travel

The simple answer is we will go wherever post needs to be driven in the United States. The services we provide for our industry are very niche meaning that there are not always a ton of projects locally. There are also very few companies that have a machine that are willing to travel or use for other businesses. All we need is a GPS coordinate, a time and we will let you know if we are available. 


System Testing

Vertical and horizontal pull tests are typically done on large megawatt sized systems prior to the main project starting. This data gives the racking manufacture the information they need to push the limits of spacing between piers and embedment depth at its limits while keeping all wind and snow load variables in place as well. When working on smaller solar systems there is the rare occasion when certain AHJ's require this data and for an additional cost we can provide the raw data to you which will still need to be interpreted by your racking manufacture to determine if the site is okay. In my experience when we are typically in the ground 6-7' we exceed most embedment depth requirements.