Do you install ground mount solar systems? If you do, you probably understand that the traditional method of digging holes and pouring concrete can be a difficult task. Not to mention the extra costs associated with this process which makes it hard to be competitive. So whats the alternative? 

The Solution

Solar pile driving systems are changing the way ground mount solar systems are installed. In a matter of minutes, the Gayk pile driver can accurately drive posts up to 8ft into the ground. A typical ground mount solar system can normally take days or weeks traditionally. When utilizing our pile driver those same posts can be set in place within 1-2 hours for a typical 10kw size system. Our company can lower installation cost by up to 30 percent over traditional methods. 

The Benefit

Time equals Money and the ability to start a solar project quickly with out having to wait on concrete to settle over night can mean large savings and convenience. Lack of dirt work and concrete is another reason for cost savings with driven pile systems. When you see megawatt size solar fields going in, they are using driven pile system for a reason... The cost of a system is dramatically cheaper than traditional installation methods and with higher accuracy during setup. We are able to work with a wide variety of Driven Pile Systems such as the following: Schletter FS, Schletter FS uno, Schletter G-Max, Unirac Fixed Ground Mount Driven pier system, Solar Powers Frames LLC, Game Change Solar Maxspan Pile Driven Systems. Solar pile driving systems makes installing a ground mount solar system very easy and cost-effective.



We Have You Covered No Matter The Size Of The System

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